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Celia J Anderson loves writing for both adults and children. She was delighted to have the opportunity in May 2016 to take early retirement from her job as assistant headteacher at a primary school in the Midlands and is currently planning her next projects. Celia hopes that 2017 will be the year when full-time writing will take over from juggling work commitments, although she will still run her junior drama group and aims to pull in as many holidays/research trips as possible. Celia enjoys walking, cooking, eating and early morning swimming (the first and last on the list are meant to cancel out the middle three, but it doesn't seem to be working...

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The Romaniacs

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Together since their teens, Molly and Jake have four children, a house in a sleepy village, and jobs that bore them to distraction. Their marriage is an accident waiting to happen. When Nick arrives in Mayfield, young, disturbed and in desperate need of mother-love, Molly doesn’t realise that he will be the catalyst that blows everything apart.

Living the Dream

Longing to get away from her troubled marriage, the opportunity to cross America by train seems like a dream come true for Vita Craythorne. But charismatic travel agent Moriarty Miles has other ideas; by replacing their mutual friend Jack on the trip, Vita has unwittingly set herself up as a guinea pig for Moriarty's mind-blowing and potentially dangerous virtual-travelling project.

Little Boxes

Molly White realises she never knew her late husband, Jake. When random boxes begin appearing in the post, each one has a clue to secrets from their past. Tom is a charismatic local artist who's been wheelchair-bound since 15. When he meets Molly, he knows she's his dream woman, and when the boxes start weaving their spell, the two of them are thrown out of their comfort zones.




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