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City Nights
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Carmel, California
London, England
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City Nights and City Knights are unique erotic romance series' with authors contributing stand-alone stories to these collections.
Each book title starts One Night in/One Knight in . . . and takes place within a 24 hour time frame in a city somewhere in the world.
Previous cities are listed below.

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One Knight in Muiden (City Knights, #2)
Elizabeth Coldwell

Afraid of being given in marriage to a man known for his cruelty, Lady Swaneke swaps places with her maid for the night. In disguise, she can watch Count Reynold, but he is not what she expected. Neither is his man-at-arms, Sir Alwin. What started as a game of deception turns to unforgettable passion as she falls for the handsome knight. What will happen if Sir Alwin discovers her true identity?

One Knight in Stirling (City Knights, #1)
Kate Robbins

Sir William MacPherson is honoured by the queen mother's invitation to protect her. The only catch: he must reside at Stirling Castle. Coira MacLaren is the one woman who can bring him to his knees. Her refusal of his marriage proposal hit him hard and he has not seen her since. Can he harden himself against her, or will their insatiable lust for one another burn them to cinders this time?

One Night in Seoul, #38
Angelique Migliore

US close-protection agent Stormy Smith is assigned to protect US government hacker, Jordan Black, who happens to be her former lover. His arrival into Seoul, South Korea rather than Tokyo, Japan angered him, but when he finds someone has taken out a hit on him and Stormy is tasked with his protection, a power struggle ensues. Will they learn to work together? One more time. For old time’s sake.

One Night in Tampa, #38
Angelique Migliore

Mari Fuentes is running her first 5K race when she notices a sexy runner is keeping up with her. Convivio "Viv" Ricco is new to the Tampa area, and convinces her to spend the day with him to show him around. She soon finds desire bubbling to the surface, but when he can't convince her to stay with him, he sets out to steal her away for the night. Or will he end up stealing her heart instead?

One Night in Portland, #37
Angelique Migliore

Army Captain, Finn O’Grady, returns home from a field training exercise exhausted and defeated. He collides with quilt artist, Lee-Lee Song, as she storms out of a restaurant, fleeing from the date her parents set her up with. On first meeting, Finn or Lee-Lee agree to spend the day exploring the city. After one night, will they be forced back into their own worlds, or decide to explore each other?

One Night in Denpasar, #36
Eden Walker

When Italian Ana Ortensia heads to Bali on a photojournalism assignment, she expects a good time. Within twenty-four hours, she’ll put a carnal spin on enlightenment for Caleb Barnard, a spiritual New Ager with whom she feels safe. But Denpasar is about to surprise her. Ana really doesn’t need someone to see through her defences, bring her to her knees, and make her eat, pray, love—or does she?

One Night in Inverness, #35
Charlotte Howard

In order to save their marriage, Des and Frankie decide to mix business with pleasure when they attend a literary festival in Inverness. Once they arrive, Frankie discovers Des's long-kept secrets, and has left her questioning whether she can trust him again. But Des isn’t the only one with secrets, and Frankie wonders if it's all worth the heartache. Can one night in Inverness fix their marriage?

One Night in Havana, #34
Kathleen Rowland

Veronica Keane is in Havana, attending a conference and hoping to win a coveted grant. She doesn’t expect instant attraction to her sexy competition, Carlos Montoya, freelancer for the Havana Port Authority. When Roni is pulled into dangerous drug dealings, Carlos vows to protect her. But after a passion-filled night, will she stay in Havana if Carlos wins the grant, or kiss her lover goodbye?

One Night in Zanzibar, #33
Evan Purcell

On the run and fearing for her life, Lucy finds herself on Zanzibar. She isn't worried about romance, only protection. When she meets a mysterious local, she gives in to the siren's call of the island. For one unforgettable night, Lucy experiences all the passion and excitement she's been hiding from. But this stranger, is more than he seems, and soon Lucy's troubled past will catch up with her.

One Night in Venice, #32
Eden Walker

Kate Pollock wins an art scholarship to Venice. On her first day, she meets sex-on-legs, Martinez Di Ser Piero, her Practicals tutor. The last thing she expects is a torrid love affair with him. Following a dry spell in his career, Kate inspires Martinez to paint again. Kate thinks she’s falling in love with Martinez—could he be ‘the one’, or will his secret past break her heart?

One Night in Kuala Lumpur, #31
Abbey MacMunn

Successful artist, Ziva Clarke, visits Kuala Lumpur as her creativity has been uninspired. Exotic Malaysia is just what she needs. Sam Tempest is visiting on business. Duty bound to join his family’s business, he longs to follow his true passion—wood sculpting. A chance meeting leads to a night of confessions and steamy sex. Can one night of passion be the answer to both of their dreams?

One Night in Washington, D.C., #30
Jordan Monroe

Lauren and Adam are professional musicians living in Washington, D.C. One night after a performance, Adam admits to Lauren that he's attracted to her. She takes him back to her Waterfront apartment where they share a night of passion. He wants a wife and a family, but she’s married to her career. Will they be able to, as they say in D.C., reach across the aisle and come to a happy resolution?

One Night in Minneapolis, #29
Margie Church

Their ten year class reunion in Minneapolis brings Marine Major Skylar Landis face-to-face with one-time boyfriend, Vince Anderson. She asks him to plan a hot, no-strings-attached hook-up to sustain her sexual fantasies while deployed to the Middle East. As their adventure unfolds, Skylar wonders whether she can forget the man who put her desires first and asked for nothing in return.

One Night in Oxford, #28
Clarice Clique

Gifted student, Alice, has a bright career ahead of her, but all she can think about is handsome and charming Harry. For three years, she's been too scared to tell her friend and confidante how she feels. As graduation looms, should she tell him now, or is it already too late? Alive has one final day to make a decision the rest of her life may depend upon.

One Night in New Delhi, #27
Kemberlee Shortland

Invited to the National Museum of India in New Delhi to inspect a rare find from a recent excavation, the last person Hannah Maguire expects to see is her former lover, Sudesh Kumar. Sparks instantly fly, but will her one night with him be one to remember or will Sudesh's secret send her into a tailspin she may never recover from this time?

One Night in Sydney, #26
Jan Graham

Kane Matheson is a man like no other, and once Abigail Devon gives into her attraction to him, passions spark and a night of erotic pleasure begins. Kane can’t believe his luck when his flight to Sydney places Abby along his path to a fun filled weekend. Can passion win out over wise business sense in one of the most beautiful harbour side cities of the world.

One Night in Manchester, #25
Victoria Blisse

After a flirty online relationship, Grant meets Jessica in Manchester. He works in TV and he shows Jessica around the set where he's filming. Their relationship quickly escalates and they have sex...on one of the sets! As things develop, so does their love play. In public places! And a little spanking never really hurt anyone. Will Jessica be able to say goodbye to Grant when his work is done?

One Night in Aberdeen, #24
Charlotte Howard

When Ross is won in a charity ‘slave auction’ by his assistant, Lee, Ross’ ex-wife, Anna, takes it personally. Angry with Anna’s threats toward Lee, Ross takes Lee back to their hotel where they eventually share a night of passion. When Anna’s threats continue the next day—Lee’s to quit her job and leave Ross, or else— Anna must decide if she’ll fight for Ross, or let Anna get the upper hand.

One Night in Cape Town, #23
Lily Harlem

When Tia catches her fiancé and best friend in bed together, she calls off the wedding. But why waste the expensive honeymoon to South Africa? Tia's desires re-awaken when she meets Levi, and soon, they’re hiking over Table Mountain together. When a storm leaves them stranded, Levi's survival skills provide them with quick shelter. For Tia, another storm rages between her and her sexy saviour.

One Night in Boston, #22
JD Martins

When Colm is stranded overnight in Boston, Amber agrees to give him a personal tour of Boston. Colm takes pleasure where he finds it. Amber hasn't quite found her feet again after a recent divorce. As they take in the beautiful architecture of the city, their mutual attraction grows. But can they trust one another? Can Colm convince Amber he's not just playing her, or is his one night in Boston just a fling?

One Night in Charlotte, #21
Daily Hollow

Gabriella is a Jamaican assassin with nearly fifty kills to her credit. She's been contracted by a Charlotte mobster to kill Mark Jenson after he insulted the boss' daughter. Gabriella's ritual is to take souvenirs from her victims; Mark's will be giving her a child. But will she be able to take the life of her child's father?

One Night in Budapest, #20
Lucy Felthouse

An unexpected break-up means Hermione’s visiting Budapest alone. Determined to make the most of it, she goes on a night-time river cruise and meets Emil, sexy cocktail server. When he asks her out for dinner, she’s tempted, but she’s a long way from home and he's a complete stranger. She decides to take a chance, and what follows is an unforgettable night which will transform her life forever.

One Night in Los Angeles, #19
Katey Lovell

Abbi Devine never expected Hollywood to be like this...she's finally got her chance- a speaking part as a burlesque dancer in a movie starring A list actor Aaron Halliday. However, when she's thrown off her stride and ends up in a heap on the floor, Aaron's the one to come to her rescue.

One Night in Cleveland, #18
Megan Morgan

Chef Matt Fattore lives a clean and lawful life—so he doesn't expect to meet the woman of his wet dreams when she arrests him. When Lt. Caylee Benton of the Cleveland PD mistakes him for a wanted burglar, Matt finds out fantasies sometimes land right in your lap—and frisk you. He's about to spend the wildest 24 hours of his life, and if he’s lucky, he’ll be in handcuffs by the end of the night.

One Night in Daytona Beach, #17
Dellani Oakes

Draven spots Jamie at a Daytona Bike Week raffle. She was the love of his teen life he never thought he'd see again, but there she was, dressed in black leather, straddling a Harley. Rekindling their romance after 10 years was the easy part. When he's blamed for the death of a notorious gang leader, staying ahead of the police—and the vengeful biker gang—takes the couple to the brink of disaster.

One Night in Brussels, #16
Elizabeth Coldwell

Saskia van Gaal dreams of a life filled with excitement and hot sex. When she meets suave, sexy Englishman, Dominic May, and offers to be his Brussels tour guide, she doesn't realise she's about to embark on the wildest night of her life. A stolen necklace is only the beginning of the adventure. As their sex games grow hotter and ever more inventive, can she ever guess how this night will end?

One Night in New York City, #15
Lisa Fox

Zoe Dutton came to New York City with a Broadway dream that was crushed on arrival. Cole Delaney has a decision to make. When they meet in Times Square, sparks fly, and their instant attraction sets the tone for a night of indulgent lust. Can he leave London behind for an editor-in-chief position in Manhattan, or does he want to go back to England where his life will remain as boring as ever?

One Night in Pamplona, #14
JD Martins

Jeff has twenty-four hours in Pamplona for the famous San Fermin festivals. When he meets Idoia, he's instantly taken by her. She wants to practice her English and agrees to show him the city. But Idoia is dismayed at his plan to run with the bulls. Will their relationship last the night, or will she give up on him, as an arrogant idiot intent on needlessly endangering himself?

One Night in Barcelona, #13
Mary T. Bradford

A weekend in Barcelona is what Natasha Gordon needs to help rid her life of her now ex-boyfriend. The mix of sunshine and wine, all shared with a sexy Spanish waiter goes a long way to easing her broken heart. What she hadn’t planned on was falling for Carlos, who is not just the waiter but owns the café.  Doing her best to ignore her lustful hot thoughts towards him, Natasha fails and gives in to what she believes is no strings attached sex. But after twenty four hours together, is she in love and has she got a future with Carlos?

One Night in Chicago, #12
Megan Morgan

Taylor Middleton, a singer striving for her big break, and her boyfriend Malcolm Darling, a mover and shaker in the music business, have decided to call it quits. But before they break up, the two decide to spend one last night in Chicago, the city where they once shared a passionate, romantic weekend, in hopes of preserving some good memories.

One Night in Biarritz, # 11
Izzy French

When Chloe's boyfriend, Matthieu, dumps her while on holiday in Biarritz, it's British photographer Liam who helps her get over her heartbreak. It's the hotel masseuse, Mattieu's lover, who tells Chloe the photos Liam took of their lovemaking have gone viral on the internet. Was she too easily seduced, and trusted Liam too readily? Will she leave France alone, but with her dignity intact?

One Night in Salamanca, # 10
Elena Reid

Polly makes the decision to study in beautiful Salamanca because she wants to find herself. She doesn’t expect to find Professor Alejandro Flores, a man who fills her dreams with passion and her body with longing. At age 25, Polly has had little experience with men, but on the morning of the Medieval Market she bumps into the Professor. In the next 24 hours, Polly is going to experience pleasure beyond her wildest dreams and her life is going to be changed forever.

One Night in Dublin, #9
Kemberlee Shortland

At her mother’s prompting (nagging) about grandchildren, Sive wonders if it really is time to settle down. She’s just finishing college so she should be thinking about her future. But is she ready to settle down? Is she ready for kids? And more importantly, which of the three men she’s been seeing does she want to spend the rest of her life with? Sive has a choice to make, and only 24 hours in which to make it.

One Night in Madrid, #8
JD Martins

Danny left Dublin for Madrid 2 years ago, expecting no one will know him. Then he sees Aisling, a girl he had a crush on at university. Now, he has the chance to know her, and show her Madrid. As the sultry night progresses, lust becomes affection, making Danny wonder if Aisling see Danny as more than just a way to pass her night in Madrid.

One Night in Edinburgh, #7
Charlotte Howard

Chloe Shard has travelled to Edinburgh to meet up with a potential client, and has just twenty-four hours to convince them to sign her contract. But when she meets the delicious Ethan, he proves to be so much more than an enticing distraction. It’s not long before Chloe has some life changing decisions to make, and less than a day to make them.

One Night in Amsterdam, #6
Jaz Hartfield

Chloe organizes Jo’s hen weekend in Amsterdam, glad for the getaway. Dean is getting married to Tamsin so his mates take him to Amsterdam for his stag party. But he's wondering if Tamsin the right woman for him? When Chloe and Dean meet, they are immediately attracted to each other. Dean tries to justify one last fling, yet, a night of amazing sex is exactly what they both want.

One Night in San Francisco, #5
Cass Peterson

Nicky and Liam have only 24 hours to see if their instant attraction develops into something more than an electric mile-high fumble. San Francisco has everything they need to put past relationships behind them, but when they lose touch, fate seems to have other ideas. As the precious hours tick away, Liam moves heaven and earth to find the woman of his (filthiest) dreams. Will he find her in time?

One Night in New Orleans, #4
Kristi Ahlers

Kaitlyn and best friend, Anya, are in New Orleans on vacation and to attend a fundraising event. Thierry is home for a visit and to support his best friend with an charity auction. On meeting a mysterious woman at the event, he fixes it so Kaitlyn wins so he can get to know her better. He’s going to make sure she has a night she won’t forget.

One Night in Rome, #3
C. Margery Kempe

After a lifetime of wishing, at last Celia's in Rome! But exploring the timeless art and ancient monuments on her own wasn't part of the plan. Will the magic of the Eternal City provide some romance before her holiday ends?

One Night in Paris, #2
Lucy Felthouse

Jacob has 24 hours to see Paris on a layover between jobs. Annabelle is taking well-earned time off from chef school to finally see her adopted city. When they meet on a tour bus, there's clearly an attraction between them. When Annabelle makes an indecent proposal to help fill Jacob's time in the city of love, who is he to refuse?

One Night in Boise, #1
Troy Lambert

Det. Derek Marshek and wife, Cheri, play sex games to keep things spicy. Tonight they're at the Seven Bells Motel. When gunfire wakes him from a doze, he finds his weapon gone and so is Cheri. Derek is emotionally thrown sideways when he sees the victim's body. His life has just taken a left turn down the wrong road. How can he tell his estranged son the news when he doesn't believe it himself?




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