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Released: May 2013
ISBN: 9781301747252
Kindle US, Kindle UK
Apple, Kobo, Nook
Series: The Aphrodite and Adonis Series, #1
Author: Romy Gemmell
Length: Novelette
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Price: $1.99

Carla hopes that ten days on the romantic island of Cyprus will finally progress her relationship with reserved Scottish boyfriend, Jamie, to a full physical commitment. Or prove that they have no future together. But they had not counted on the intervention of the goddess Aphrodite and her lover, Adonis.

Will Aphrodite awaken Jamie’s hidden depths and allow him to return the passion that Adonis senses in Carla?


“They’re late.” Aphrodite flounced down in the wicker chair and propped her sandaled feet on the coffee table between them. A petal dropped from the sweetly fragranced lisianthus flowers making a pretty centrepiece, their delicate white petals tinged with pink.

Adonis smiled, and shook his head. “We don’t even know who they are, my love.”

Aphrodite waved off his remark and glanced at the hotel’s reception desk. “I’ll know them when I see them.” She studied the group of tourists now checking in for a week or two of paradise before returning to their boring, everyday lives. None warranted the Greek goddess of love’s attention.

“How about those two?” Adonis nodded to his right, displaying his fine profile.

Aphrodite smiled. Thousands of years, and she had yet to tire of her lover’s fabulous face. She glanced beyond him to where two marble statues angled slightly to face each other. Chiselled names identified the busts as Aphrodite and Adonis. She grimaced and reached across to touch his hand. “I am so glad you don’t look like that.”

Adonis laughed out loud. Several people in the lobby turned in their direction, and each smiled as though in appreciation. He took Aphrodite’s hand. “I never tire of your beauty and delightful presence, my love. Even after these thousands of years.”

Aphrodite’s smile faltered for a moment as she remembered their time was now limited each year, then her gaze shifted to the couple now approaching the reception desk.

“Ah, now they are more worthy of our attention, Adonis. Look at that girl with such fiery hair. If I am not mistaken, and you know that seldom happens, her heart beats with passion. But see how the man by her side acts toward her. He is solicitous but even from here I sense his hesitation.”

Adonis followed her gaze. “Repression. It is in every movement. You are right. I think we have found our new project. This man has great need of your loving touch, my Aphrodite.”

With one graceful, synchronised movement, Aphrodite and Adonis stood up and watched discreetly as the couple took their room key and turned toward the lift around the corner. Adonis quickly slipped a flower from the vase and followed Aphrodite.

They found the couple waiting for the lift and smiled their greeting.

“Welcome to our beautiful island, fair lady,” Adonis said, as he held out the fragrant bloom to the girl.

At the sight of the girl’s pleasure in the flower, Aphrodite stepped up to the man and briefly touched his cheek. “Enjoy your stay on this island of love.”

Before the couple could find words to reply, Aphrodite took her lover’s hand and they walked through the hotel lobby without a glance at anyone.

“Let our fun begin,” she said, once they were some distance from the hotel.

Adonis kissed her hand. “And may those young people know such love as we enjoy, beloved Aphrodite.”

What the reviewers are saying
Fairytale for lovers
So full of romance and spice that I'd be a bit afraid if I was on holiday in Greece. Forget 50 shades of grey, with Aphrodite and Adonis, nobody will escape from the island of love. Really lovely story, it's different, like a fairytale for lovers. I'd recommend this highly. ~ SJ Jones, Amazon

• • •

Delightful story about mischievous deities
It is a delightful mix of reality and myth against a beautiful Cyprian background. Ms. Gemmell describes the scenery so well one can almost feel the heat and taste the fruit as one relaxes on the beach watching the story play out. ~ Belinda, Amazon US and blog

• • •

Charming Summer Romance
Gemmell playfully breathes life into Greek legend in this charming story. With its romantic Greek setting and focus on love, The Aphrodite Touch is the perfect beach read. ~ DB Parent, Amazon

• • •

Delightful summer romance
This is a delightful romance, with the Greek gods working their magic on a young couple who are clearly perfect for each other. The setting of Cyprus is wonderful and the romantic tension of 'will they' 'won't they' is engaging. I found myself really drawn to the characters and cheering on their HEA. ~ Lindsay Townsend, Amazon

• • •

A fun novella guaranteed to put you in the mood for summer, The Aphrodite Touch combines elements of romance, fantasy and suspense in the sensuous setting of Cyprus . . . Carla despairs that her relationship with her boyfriend, Jamie, will ever become the passionate one she wants, but lurking in the background are Adonis and Aphrodite, determined to ensure that is exactly what will happen . . . The playfulness of the deities contrasts well with the fretful relationship of the humans as we follow the twists and turns of the plot on this beautiful island till it reaches a satisfying ending for humans and gods alike. That is, until the next time . . . and the next outing for Aphrodite and Adonis. ~ Myra Duffy, Amazon

• • •

As I sat down to read The Aphrodite Touch, on the chilliest day in May in Scotland for eons, I pondered whether or not to turn on the heating. I waited, the cost of utilities being what they are in this time of austerity, and I was glad I did. This modern romance certainly raises the temperature! Passionate English girl Carla, longs for handsome Scot Jamie, to lose his natural reticence and develop their relationship under a hot Cypriot sun. This is where the mischievous goddess Aphrodite and her lover Adonis, meddle in the romantic lives of the young tourists - and how! The antics of the Greek deities, over the angst-ridden humans, made me smile throughout. As usual, this author - in a new departure from her more demure Historical Romances - uses a skilful, character-driven plot, and a natural ease with dialogue, to make this tale a fun read all the way to its satisfying conclusion . . . ~ TangoQueen, Amazon

• • •

The romantic island of Cyprus is a perfect setting for this fantasy romance. Carla hopes that the holiday on the island will awaken some passion in her relationship with Jamie . . . little does she know that the goddess Aphrodite and her lover, Adonis, are working their magic to turn up the heat. The characters of Aphrodite and Adonis are particularly well written and I liked the fantastical/fun element this added to the novella. The author captures the beauty and atmosphere of Cyprus well, transporting the reader to an island of heated romance that you won't want to leave. A great summer read that can easily be read in one sitting by the pool. Looking forward to the next Aphrodite/Adonis adventure! ~ SnowWhite, Amazon UK



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