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Released: November 2017
ISBN: 9781370988266
Kindle US, Kindle UK
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Series: The Tadhg Sullivan Series, #3
Author: Daithi Kavanagh
Length: Novel
Genre: Mystery
Price: $3.99

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Detective Tadhg Sullivan’s break away from serious crime comes to an abrupt end when he is pushed into investigating the murder of a retired Christian Brother. A newly elected left wing government fear that the media will hold them personally responsible for what is believed to be a hate crime against the Catholic Church.

Ella Kavanagh, the new Minister for Justice, hopes that placing Sullivan in charge of the investigation will help to distance the government from any mud-slinging by the media. However, no one is prepared for the litany of abuse and corruption stretching back decades, which is about to explode in all of their faces.

Can Sullivan save this fledgling government, or will the sins of the past remain buried, and so doing destroy the future of everyone concerned?

It was a beautiful late spring morning. The sun was starting to burn through the haze. He could hear birds chirping, high up in the trees. They were welcoming the summer, which would turn the leaves green to camouflage their nests. He loved the early morning; it blew away the cobwebs and made him feel fresh and clean. At night, his past would engulf him, filling him with fear and guilt. He hated the dark and always slept with the light on.

He took his early morning stroll down to the old barn-style church. The tiny church was only a stone’s throw from the main Parochial House. His leather shoes crunched the gravel path, just as they had done for twenty years, since his retirement. At the time, no one would have imagined him still there. It’s hard to kill a bad thing.

He was just about to enter the church, when he heard a movement behind him. He hadn’t time to turn and see what it was, because suddenly a hand had clasped him around the mouth. It pulled him backwards; a stinging pain in the side of his neck and then everything went black.

When he came around, it felt as if his body were being torn apart. Taking his head away from his chest he could see that his hands had been nailed to the church door. Unable to scream, due to being gagged, his head dropped back onto his chest and his hands and arms felt like they were on fire. The searing pain pushed him back into unconsciousness as he was grabbed by the hair and his head slammed against the church door. His gag was pulled off and a face from the past appeared before him.

“Remember me, sir?” was all that came out of the grinning demonic mouth as his tormenter began to speak.

“What do you want?” the old man answered back, but they were the last words he spoke before he felt a piercing pain in his side and the smiling face welcomed him to hell.

Top Reviews
Daithi Kavanagh delivers a fantastic story again in his third book of the Tadhg Sullivan series. Tadhg is a strong character with a lot of depth and experience in detective work. One feels as though they are with him every step of the way as he solves these heinous murders. His wife, Helen, gives Tadhg a touch of humanity that he wouldn't otherwise have. The plethora of characters all stand out on their own individual merits and create tension in an already suspenseful novel. Mr. Kavanagh keeps the reader guessing who done it until the final reveal when all the puzzle pieces fall neatly into place. After discovering this gritty piece, readers will want to pick up the other two novels in the series. ~ Belinda Wilson, Amazon

• • •

I enjoyed the entire book just the kind you don't want to put away even if you know you must. ~ Bonnie Ezzelle, Amazon

• • •

I have come to really enjoy Daithi’s writing. For me, he delivers a great balance of action, dialog and narration. All of the characters seem very real, with their own motivations and problems. His plotting moves the story along at a nice pace, I do not feel rushed in the story. I also love the way Tadhg, the main character, has developed and matured. Now he seems like an old friend. Daithi leaves a good amount to the imagination, something I enjoy a great deal. The Irish flavor has been interesting for me . . . ~ Mark Schultz, Amazon



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