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Released: October 2012
ISBN: 9781301109807
Kindle US, Kindle UK
Apple, Kobo, Nook
Series: Naravan Chronicles
Author: Isabo Kelly
Length: Novella
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance
Price: $2.99

When unexpected side-effects in Gina Xanacovich’s nanotech research leads to murder and death threats, her father hires private mercenaries to protect her. But Johan “Alex” Alexander proves to be just as dangerous to her peace of mind as the threats against her life. Worse, his seductive voice and irritatingly calm presence keep Gina on edge, making her want more from him than just being her bodyguard.

Giving into their growing attraction, Gina finds it hard to focus beyond her obsession with the sexy mercenary. She knows if she can’t reign in her desire, she won’t live long enough to discover those responsible for the murders and threats. Nor will she discover how far things can go with Alex.


Gina stared out at the mountain range rising up around the ship as it dropped slowly to a smooth, gray landing pad. Blue-white snow sparkled blindingly in the bright sunshine, making her squint. “The Sapphire Range? Why would you build a safe house here?” She looked toward where Alex piloted the small on-and-off planet vessel.“Have you seen anyone else around?” he asked without taking his attention from the instrument panels in front of him.

She shrugged, conceding the point. Only the hardiest of human colonists had ever tried to inhabit this area of the planet. Most stayed near the temperate coastlines and the lush green ranges of the interior of the three main continents. If she were going to set up a safe house, she had to admit, she would have considered this desolate area of Narava’s southern hemisphere, too.
Unfortunately, she hadn’t packed for the snow. “I’m going to freeze my ass off out there.”

A low noise that sounded suspiciously like a chuckled floated back to her from the pilot’s seat just as the ship lightly touched down.

“Don’t worry,” Nathan said as he passed her on his way toward the rear cabins. “We’ve come prepared.”

She scowled forward at Alex’s back until he turned in his seat. “How prepared?” she asked.

“I intend to make sure you stay very warm.”

She narrowed her eyes. Was that innuendo? She couldn’t tell. His expression gave nothing away. But his voice… Ah, that voice. He could recite the periodic table and she’d read innuendo into it.

Before she could embarrass herself, Nathan came forward with an armful of parkas, passing her one and Alex another before slipping into his own.

She snuggled the soft, thick material around her neck and took a deep breath. “Okay. Show me my new home for the next few weeks.”

The minute the ship’s loading ramp started to drop, the frigid air rolled in to slap Gina in the face. “Damn,” she murmured and pulled her coat up over her nose and mouth.

From directly behind her shoulder, closer than she’d realized he was, Alex said, “You should feel it when it’s really cold here.”

“No thanks.”

This time she was sure that soft, deep sound was a laugh. A laugh she could feel brushing along every inch of her skin.

To her surprise, he leaned in and reached into the pocket of her coat. “You’ll want to wear these,” he said against her ear.

A little breathless, she glanced down at the gloves he held out for her.

“It’s not far to the airlock, but the gloves will be more comfortable.”

“Thanks,” she muttered, hurrying to pull on the thick material. His scent, a light, musky cologne she could place, curled around her even when he straightened away. She wanted to roll her eyes and fall back against his big body, to wrap herself up in that sexy voice of his.

What the reviewers are saying
After reading "The Secret of Narava" I was very much looking forward to reading this "prequel". Having knowledge of this world, it was easy for me to accept the characters and premise. However, I don't think the first time reader would have any issues starting with this short story and being able to "jump right in". Ms. Kelly's powers of description are right there, painting a vivid and enjoyable world for the reader. Her strong characters and dialogue draw the reader in. At the risk of spoilers, the climax of the story reads as an action film. Intrigue, danger, passion and peril to the future of Gina and Alex . . . The biggest disappointment of the entire story was the length. It's a short story. It claims to be a short story. I can't really blame Ms. Kelly, except her writing brings you into this world so completely, that at the natural conclusion of this particular tale, you are left wanting so much more. I suppose, in the grand scheme of things, isn't that a wonderful problem to have? ~ Kate, Amazon

• • •

INTERFACE by Isabo Kelly takes us upon a futuristic journey where a woman must be protected from terrorists who threaten to destroy all that she's worked for-who plan to use her research and work for nefarious purposes. One man will protect her-at all costs. ~ Thea Candee, The Romance Readers Connection

• • •

Isabo Kelly brings us an intriguing sci-fi tale full of excitement, danger and passion. Gina is a woman who stands firm in all she believes in and will do anything it takes to protect those she loves and her work, even to trust a stranger. Gina isn't quick to trust, but then again, neither is Alex. Both these characters shoot instant sparks off each other, fight their feelings and each other for the upper hand. INTERFACE is a fast-paced, powerful read that shows Ms. Kelly's writing talent and her superb creativity. I would have liked a full-length version of this tale, that Alex was too scrumptious to leave!

~ Tracey West, The Road to Romance

• • •

Gina is angry when she discovers her father, the boss of their bionanotech(?) research company, has been hiding the fact that there are threats against the members of her R&D team. Two gorgeous guys have been hired to remove her to an arctic safe house, but only one of them makes her want to jump in his lap. The threat is presumed to come from a terrorist group who doesn't think Shifters (creatures who can change form and may or may not prey on humans) should be eradicated and also thinks their company helps kill them. The concepts in here are excellent, even exciting, but, like the previous work, this novelette suffers from a limited word count. I'd like to have seen more worldbuilding--without infodumps--and more of a reason to believe Gina was drawn to Alex. There's also some scientific info in the middle and end of the story which makes Alex distrust her, but I didn't get enough background as to why. Neat foundation, want more. ~ Jody Wallace, SFR Book Reviews



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