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Digital Released: March 2014
ISBN: 9781310743665
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Print Released: October 2014
ISBN: 9781910234125
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Author: Troy Lambert
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Thriller
Digital Price: $3.99
Print Price: $9.99

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A strange accident on the freeway, accusations of murder, and an encounter in the Idaho wilderness all propel Todd Clarke into a new friendship with a dog named Sparky. But Sparky is no ordinary dog, and there is more going on than Clarke could have imagined.

A military commander he investigated for Aryan activity and links to domestic terrorism is after him, and he’s not sure why until another chance encounter provides the answer.

With Sparky and the help of his canine friends, will he be able to figure out the Colonel’s plan and stop him in time? All Clarke knows for sure is none of it would be possible without the help of his stray ally.


The skateboard collided with my windshield, and I braked with both feet, screeching forward. The body hit the glass next, spider-webbing it as the skater’s helmet-clad head struck the glass in the center of my vision. The rear view mirror separated from the window and hit the center of the seat with a thud as the car skidded to a stop.

Marsha is gonna be pissed, came the unbidden thought. We just replaced this windshield.

Where did he come from? Creedence still blared from the stereo speakers and I turned the ignition key to the rear. Silence descended, broken a moment later by distant sirens.

I lifted my hand and felt wetness on my forehead, cut by—something. Glass? Must have been.

I opened the door, dazed. Under the helmet, a young face offered a blank stare. Nothing but blackness in the eyes: no color. Not good.

“You okay, kid?” I felt stupid asking. Stupider for expecting a response. “What were you doing on the freeway?”

I heard distant voices. Looked up. Kids, on the overpass above. Did he fall?

They pointed. One slugged the other one. A scuffle brokeout and they ran. All of them.

The sirens came closer. Another car pulled up, tires squealing as it stopped, rocking on its springs.

“What happened? Is everyone okay?” the driver asked.

Struck dumb, I just pointed. The skateboard rested half on the roof, half on the shattered windshield. The skater lay below it, unmoving, his left foot against the hood ornament, the Mercedes star cocked sideways.

“Is he..?”

He didn’t finish, but rushed over, feeling for a pulse, checking for breath. All things I should have done, but couldn’t.

He shook his head, glanced over at me. “What was he doing here?”

I shrugged.

“Did you see him?”

Head wag, substituted for speech.

“Are you okay?”

Another head wag. I couldn’t articulate what was wrong.

You’re bleeding.”

I managed a nod, and then my legs gave out. I dropped to the pavement and grimaced as my tailbone impacted the hard surface. I heard a whimper. It must have been me, because the other driver rushed over.

I stared ahead, seeing and not seeing the scene.

The sirens got closer, red and blue light illuminated Marsha’s car, the body, the skateboard, the chrome of her wheels, even making the brake lights appear to flash.

Help arrived, even though the boy was clearly beyond help. So was I, but no one knew it yet.
Top Reviews
An exceptionally good military suspense with a twist
. . . within an outstanding story of suspense and terror, Lambert introduces a nearly paranormal aspect – the dogs . . . I adored the part the dogs play in the story line . . . But my favorite part of the whole book? The dogs, those loving, loyal, and tremendously brave creatures who will lay down their lives for the right and the true. If for no other reason, if you love dogs, you must read this book. You will never be sorry you did so. ~ So, I Read This Book Today, Amazon

• • •

I enjoyed this book and definitely recommend it
This novel starts with a crash (literally) and doesn't stop to take a breath until the last page. In a style reminiscent of Dean Koontz or Tom Clancy, the author deftly weaves a tale of military intrigue, shadow-unit suspense, domestic terrorism ... And talking dogs. Or at least *a* dog. The writing is crisp and clean, with only a few minor editing quibbles (there are a few paragraphs where the tense veers from present to past.) The author does employ a device that uses first person when showing the main character's perspective and third person for the rest of the story. This may seem jarring, but the writer worked it so well that I didn't even notice until I was well into the story. I enjoyed this book and definitely recommend it to fans of action and military suspense. ~ Rachel A. Brune, Amazon

• • •

The dogs were the stars of this show!
I really enjoyed reading this story. Once I started reading it, I could barely stand to put it down until I finished it. There were a couple of unanswered questions, particularly about the super smart and semi-psychic dogs, but I'm hoping that those questions get answered in the next book in this story line. There will be another, right? Either a prequel or a sequel? Please say yes! ~ Glacy1, Amazon

• • •

Makes me look at my own dogs in a new light. Well written, looking forward to what would come next. ~ David C Lyon, Amazon

• • •

Totally different and requires you like dogs
If you don't, you won't enjoy this book. Also if you can't suspend your ideas on how things are, you'll have problems. That aside, I totally bought into the story line. The author definitely throws you some curves but that just adds to the fun. I will be reading more of his books. ~ B. Fairfull, Amazon

• • •

I wish for a dog like this!
As a rule I don’t read thrillers, let alone a military styled thriller. I’m more of a Sci-Fi man. Stray Alley is one of those books that stays in your head. That hard, tense, military edge was softened by sparky … a dog like no other that communicates with man and canine alike. As I read along it became more interesting, more believable… more desirable than I would have thought possible. The idea that a dog… any dog… could answer a thought by one bark or two is a dream many of us still harbor today. Each of us has a story about a dog that made their life better. No one doesn’t love a dog and to have one that thinks ahead… saves you from yourself, calls his friends from the woods to fight on your behalf… maybe it is Sci-Fi after all ! I enjoyed this book a great deal and wished it were true… except for the fact that I find it hard to believe anyone would buy my life could be saved by wife’s retarded Chihuahua. A very good story all in all. I recommend this book highly. I give it a 4 only because of the body count. ~ Tegon Maus, Amazon, author of The Eve Project

• • •

Fantastic read
Every time I read Stray Ally, I find something new to love about it. This complex thriller evolves into something so masterful I was locking the door, and shutting out all of life's interruptions just to finish the last page . . . Stray Ally is a story where nothing is, as it seems. There characters are so deliciously evil, my blood boiled at the callousness of the lies and deceptions of a master plan as events unfolded. I was so blown away by the shocking twists; I literally re-read a few chapters before moving forward to see if I had missed any signs of what was about to happen. This fast-paced thriller kept me turning page after page until the last satisfying word. Stray Ally is an extremely well written thriller that will hold you captive form the first page to the last while leaving you wanting more. ~ DE, Amazon

• • •

Pulse-pounding tail of suspense
Weaving a suspenseful tail (that's right, a tail) of treachery and conspiracy, author Troy Lambert will have you turning page after page, unable to put this book down until its final, dramatic showdown... ~ Allan Leverone, Amazon, author of the Tracie Tanner series

• • •

and the unwavering devotion of man's best friend
Troy Lambert, author of such psychological thrillers as Redemption and Broken Bones, has once again outdone himself with his most recent thrill-captivating, near paranormal book, STRAY ALLY. Action packed, filled with secrecy, and the unwavering devotion of man's best friend, STRAY ALLY will keep you on the edge of your seat! Todd Clarke, former military Special Ops, finds himself in a chaotic whirlwind of accusations, murder, and desperately running for his life. However, he is not alone as a chance encounter has led him to befriend a most unusual but very special, intuitive canine friend. Filled with such vivid imagery, you swear you are WATCHING this and not reading! You will not want to put this book down! It is an absolute MUST READ! Ideal as a made for TV movie!! ~ Raquel A Monday, Amazon

• • •

A man and his dog
The story of Todd Clarke and how he connects with a very amazing dog, Sparky, then together they work to stop a vicious mad man with ties to some very nasty organizations is tight, filled with tension, and has an amazingly satisfying ending. I can't wait for the next book . . . I don't believe in giving away too much of a book. That ruins it for me as a reader. So you can go to other reviews to get that information . . . It's a military, animal centric, thriller that keeps you in suspense even when you think you know what's going to happen. That's enough for me to want to pick it up and read it if I hadn't yet . . . You should, too. You won't be disappointed . . . I sure wasn't. The first read, the second read, and now I'm into the third read. ~ Rendragon, Amazon

• • •

a dogs 6th sense
An interesting read. It introduces an odd factor of a dog version of ESP. I like the authors writing style so I enjoyed this book as well as I have the others. ~ Walter L. Mills, Amazon

• • •

Good book
Very interesting plot. I enjoyed this book and think that others will like it too. Good imagination and unique storyline. ~ LHG, Amazon

• • •

Stray Ally: A Great Story
I wish I could give more stars. I am a dog (and cat) lover and this story about a stray mutt who helps save the day kept my interest all the way through. The hero was not heroic and not a character I would enjoy, but the concept that the dog could read his mind and get other dogs to help kept me reading. I really enjoyed the ending. ~ Peg, Amazon

• • •

A great read
I literally could not put it down. I read the entire book in one day. It was a great read. If you love dogs, suspense and good characters, read this. ~ 2 many books, Amazon

• • •

Totally different and requires you like dogs
If you don't, you won't enjoy this book. Also if you can't suspend your ideas on how things are, you'll have problems. That aside, I totally bought into the story line. The author definitely throws you some curves but that just adds to the fun. I will be reading more of his books. ~ B. Fairfull, Amazon

• • •

An unbelieveably good military suspense with a twist
. . . my favorite part of the whole book? The dogs, those loving, loyal, and tremendously brave creatures who will lay down their lives for the right and the true. If for no other reason, if you love dogs, you must read this book. You will never be sorry you did so. ~ Leiah, Amazon

• • •

Four barks good
Once I got into this book I couldn't put it down . . . you are drawn into the compelling story that deals with something that a lot of people believe no longer exists, racism, but in a novel way that really makes you stop and think . . . I must admit my favourite character is Sparky, yes that's the dog, I like the human characters too but there is just something about Sparky that really drew me . . . Todd is a warrior, that's what he was trained for and who he is even if he no longer lives in that world it still defines him, Marsha grounds him so although you don't get to see much of her you still feel like you know her through Scott's eyes . . . The dogs themselves make up an important part of the story . . . this is most definitely a book that should be read. Chris, Amazon

• • •

Tail Waggin Triller
I really enjoyed this book. I read it in just over a day, and I only put it down a few times when I absolutely had too. Mr. Lambert weaves a great back story into the characters present, showing us both the history that builds the situation and how it is resolved. Todd is ex military and has a very interesting past. Sparky is an incredible dog that both helps Todd deal with his PTSD and helps him survive the situation he finds himself in when his past walks into his present and tries to kill him. Sparky and a whole bunch of other amazing dogs are pivotal to the story and made me want to hug my own dog the entire time I read. It's an entertaining thriller. You'll be doing yourself a favor if you pick it up. ~ J. Campbell, Amazon

• • •

Stray Ally is a nonstop page-turner of a read. Troy's voice resonates on every page and his words pull you into the story and keep you there until the last page. What starts off as a common accident, quickly escalates into a fight-for-your-life situation. Todd's character is well-developed, and as far fetched as it may seem, Sparky comes alive on the page and a true protagonist. While this story is purely of Troy's creation, one can't help but find a similar storytelling style to the master, Dean Koontz, who often uses intelligent canine's as secondary protagonists. I, for one, would love to see either a sequel to Stray Ally, or another story with similar canine characters. ~ Heart of Fiction

• • •

TIntense thriller
The main character was believable and very strong; I could really connect with this character. His interaction with the animals changed from indifferent to the K9’s to trust in their abilities and friendship . . . This is a very good military thriller, keeping your interest as you learn who was after Clarke and you wonder if he would survive this onslaught while his pursuer was using the military against him. Tension filled, gruesome at times a small war ensured that you are thoroughly entertained with no time to get bored. To find out what happened, you need to buy the book . . . A very well written story full off twist and surprises, well done Troy Lambert. ~ Lynelle, Amazon US and Inspire to Read blog



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