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Released: June 2013
ISBN: 9781301520725
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Mythical, Magical, Mystical: A Guide to Hidden Ireland
Series: Hidden Gems Guides
Author: Christy Nicholas
Length: Full Length
Genre: Travel Guide
Price: $5.99

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Do you find yourself drawn to the magic of the Emerald Isle? Would you like to see places beyond the typical tourist traps? Come, join me on a journey through the mists of legend, into the hidden places of mystery. Immerse yourself in the legends and myths, the history that has made this island precious in the hearts and minds of millions. Along with the tales and history, there is practical information on planning your trip, budgeting your costs, and finding the best places to while away the magical hours of your holiday.

The Mythical Facet – History and Myth-tery
The Magical Facet – The Fair Folk
The Mystical Facet – Gods and Saints
The Personal Facet – Friendly Folk
The Musical Facet – A Song and Dance
The Stunning Facet – Photo opportunities
The Tasty Facet – Irish Fare
The Practical Facet – How do I…?
The Frugal Facet – Budgets, Discounts, and Deals
The Hidden Facet – Undiscovered Places

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Ireland?’ Perhaps you envision fairies dancing around a mushroom circle in eerie starlight? Enormous pints of Guinness lined up on an antique wooden bar? Men with jaunty caps riding wooden carts pulled by tired donkeys?

Every person has a different impression, a different idea and ideal, when they think of a particular place. Ireland itself has such a varied past and present that the images conjured up are many-faceted, like a huge emerald, glinting bits of its life into each aspect of your mind and memory.

I’ve been to Ireland several times, and it holds a special place in my heart and in my head. Ireland is mo anam an bhaile, my soul’s home in Irish. It is a place I feel comforted, warm, and welcome. I wish to share some of this peace and serenity with others. Please, feel free to join me in my journey through Ireland, its history, mystery and magic.

In this book, I will explore many aspects of Ireland. It possesses a rich mythical and historical culture, and a great part of this culture relates to the magic of the land and its people. There have been, and remain, many mystical parts of the island, but the people are what make Ireland what it is today. Of course, music is also an integral part of the culture. I will explore some stunning landscapes and architecture for the photo bugs, and will then explore some of the practical aspects of travel in Ireland. I have listed some advice on ways to save money while on your journey, and delved into some hidden places which most tourists pass by. In the back of the book, you will find several maps and resources to help with further research and information.

Please, enjoy your journey through my book. And, if I have convinced you to travel to this magical place, please let me know. I think everyone should visit Ireland and be enriched by its incredible sense of the mystical, magical and mythical.

Top Reviews
A wonderful ebook, very informative and beautiful photo's. Christy is a great writer, and photographer. Highly recomend this, and a great guide for Ireland. ~ Robert Gadziemski, Amazon

• • •

A comprehensive and exhaustive background of the culture of Ireland
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Each aspect of its views of Ireland was carefully laid out and completely covered with compelling prose. Anyone who desires to see and understand the depth and complexity of the the Irish people and their culture needs to read this book. ~ grey dragon, Amazon

• • •

beautiful pictures, informative
I love this book, i have always wanted to go to Ireland, these pictures and atories make me feel like i have been there. Highly recommended. ~ Goobe22, Amazon

• • •

Much more than a travel guide guide or history lesson
This book is a wonder combination of travel, photography, history, and the myths/legends of Ireland. Additionally, the author's own personal tales of her various trips to Ireland are shared in amusing ways, adding to the overall charm and personable narrative. There are important travel tips to remember, be it descriptions of the available foods/drinks or the information about how to actually afford to visit. This is much more than a typical travel guide, supplementing location information with history and myths to make a deeper impression on a visitor . . . I adored the little blurbs on all the out-of-the-way places to visit and the accompanying pictures are breathtaking. The online resources in the back and Irish pronunciation guide are also particularly helpful. This book is a wonderful overview of Ireland for a visitor without being overwhelming. ~ Victoria Masters, Amazon

• • •

Are you wanting to come to Ireland on a holiday? Has it been a long term dream? All the preparatory information you need to make one of the most popular journeys there is have been laid out here in a wonderful and in depth way. The myths of the ages and the relevance of the past to the practicalities of getting to and visiting every corner of Ireland have all been lovingly detailed. Of course her own personal pilgrimages to the centre of her universe have been included and they crisply show her adoration for Eire, her spiritual home. This deep love simply exudes from every single page. However there is also an interest for the native too. The knowledge of the author is exceptional and in certain aspects, exceeds most of those that claim to be well read in the vision that Ireland is . . . An excellent read and highly recommended! ~ Mrs Rambler, Amazon

• • •

This book is very helpful when looking outside the box...on visiting Ireland
I found this book to not only have information as to the history of Ireland and its people, but an in-depth look into the off beaten paths of sites not normally seen by the busy tourist. If you are looking for information that will allow you to see Ireland and its history of less known but magical landmarks then you need this book to help plan your next visit to Ireland. It starts by giving you a background into Irish history and then great ideas of helpful and needed trip planning. The author you can tell has fallen in love with this land and she is sharing that love as well as her experiences of seeing the other side of Ireland with the reader... easy and a fast read as well. I highly recommend. ~ Jim Atkinson, Amazon

• • •

Fall in Love With the Emerald Isle
This book captures the essence of this gorgeous and historic country. The author covers it all from history, legend, photography, and the sights you want to see. She advises you on the logistics of getting around in Ireland, and she peppers her book with breathtaking photos (don't settle for black and white kindle pictures--get this in color)and anecdotes that most traditional travel guides won't give you. It is clear that the author loves Ireland, and she conveys this message in a glorious way to her readers. She has included a section in the back for resources, and I have filed this book away for the day when I make it to the Emerald Isle. ~ Ruth A. Hill, Amazon

• • •

A Must Read Before Your Trip To The Emerald Isle
Ireland is on my bucket list of ideal places for a vacation. The great thing about this book is that not only has the author been to Ireland several times, this book gave me a wonderful sense of what going to Ireland looks and feels like. Ms. Nicholas does an amazing job of transporting the reader to the Emerald Isle with her vivid descriptions of not just the history of this magical country, but their mythology and her personal experiences . . . Not only does this book prepare the traveler for what to expect while visiting, but it goes one step further and gives excellent recommendations for the many sites to visit to include local businesses to give the tourist a sense of fitting in . . . If you are planning on visiting Ireland, I highly recommend this book as an excellent resource before your trip. The knowledge you will gain about Ireland will be beneficial and enable you to get the most out of your trip. ~ Sherri Hunter, Amazon

• • •

First let me say, as a former travel consultant who specialized in Irish travel, this is a fabulous book. In it, one will find information on some of Ireland's historical past, those places nearly forgotten by time and modern life, those places tucked deep into hills and mountains, buried deep within the soil, those places it may take a little extra effort to see. But every one of them a worthy journey. Just don't forget your camera. ~ Heart of Fiction



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