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Released: November 2014
ISBN: 9781311036391
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Stunning, Strange, and Secret: A Guide to Hidden Scotland
Series: Hidden Gems Guides
Author: Christy Nicholas
Length: Full Length
Genre: Travel Guide
Price: $5.99

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Do you find yourself drawn to the magic of Scotland? Would you like to see places beyond the typical tourist traps? Come, join me on a journey through the mists of legend, into the hidden places of mystery. Immerse yourself in the legends and myths, the history that has made this island precious in the hearts and minds of millions. Along with the tales and history, there is practical information on planning your trip, budgeting your costs, and finding the best places to while away the magical hours of your holiday.

History and Myth
Superstitions and Beliefs
Gods and Saints
Highland Hospitality
Ceilidhs and Flings
Stunning Shots
Haggis and Cullenskink
Plans and Mechanics
Discounts and Deals
Hidden Gems

Maps and Resources

Scotland – the name conjures visions of tartan covering every surface, hairy Highland cows, the deep glowing gold of a dram of whisky, perhaps even Mel Gibson in blue war paint and a kilt.  But beyond the tourist tat and the tacky gift shops, what is the real Scotland?  What is the soul of the country, the hidden spirit that draws people back?

In this book, I will explore many aspects of Scotland.  I will delve into the history and myths that shaped the culture, as well as the superstitions and beliefs that still hold sway today. Parts of that are, of course, the ecclesiastic traditions, the Highland culture, and the various invasions from Ireland, Scandinavia, and England.  I shall talk about the food, the music, the people, and, of course, the drinks.  Some practical aspects to planning your trip, and your photography, are next, as well as some discounts and tricks to save some money.  And, of course, a nice big section on hidden gems, places off the beaten track, to get away from the busloads of tourists and find your own special places.

Top Reviews
I enjoyed delving into this eclectic guide. It was a treasure trove of information and photos on not only the practical travel aspects, but also explored Scottish myths, history, and superstitions. As I’m a quarter Scottish, I have an affinity for Scotland, and when I travel there I would take this guide with me. I’d also read it again before I travelled so I could plan my trip around some of the places I learnt about in the guide. ~ Wendy Scott, Amazon

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Not just a travel book!
After having the pleasure of reading the last travel book from this author, I expected another of the same caliber. I was not disappointed. As always, the author has an easy to read flow to the narrative and punctuates sections with breathtaking photography. This is not just a “what to see and where to eat” type of guide, but more of a holistic view of visiting Scotland. There is a real sense of awe and a delightful magic in the writing combined with a depth and quality to the photography present in the book. The sections are well organized and present a bounty of information, without being overwhelming. I would recommend this to anyone planning a trip to Scotland. ~ Victoria Masters, Amazon

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Like the Ireland guide, readers will find the Scotland guide chock full of wonderful information to help plan a trip to Scotland. This guide has sections for all sorts of Scottish details, from basic travel tips (airfare, car hire, room rentals, etc), to more traditional things like media (books, music, movies/tv inspired by or set in Scotland), bagpipes and traditional dancing, traditional food (yes, there's haggis!), and of course, listings by county (shires) for must see attractions. This book is a must have for anyone traveling to Scotland, whether you're visiting for traditional attractions or wish to be swept back in time to a land fueled by bigger than life heroes and kilted warriors. And as an ebook, this makes the perfect addition to any smartphone or tablet. ~ Heart of Ficton



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