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So much has changed since Mary first scribbled childish poems in her copy book. One thing remains the same though, and that is the thrill of writing the opening sentence of a short story or novel.

Mary lives in Carrigaline, County Cork, Ireland. While she worked as a laboratory technician, her hobby—her passion—was writing. Busy with her family and job, she grabbed some moments here and there to write poetry and short stories. Gradually, the idea of writing a novel took shape. It was a shock to discover that enthusiasm and imagination are not enough. For the first time, she learned that writing can be very hard work!

Now time has moved on and Mary has seven published novels and a short story collection. All are available in ebook format. Writing is a demanding way of life but one so full of challenge and fulfilment that she cannot imagine a better way to spend her days. The hours speed past as she writes—and re-writes—always in the hope that people will enjoy reading her books as much as she enjoys writing them.

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Thicker Than Water

When local teenager, Keira Shannon, and her father, business man Gerard Shannon, go missing, the people of Ballyderg town unite to search for them. Rumours of domestic violence, extramarital affairs, and criminal behaviour emerge. The crisis causes families and life-long friends to doubt each other. The only certainty left is that the town has been visited by evil. Or has it? Could it be the evil one has always lived among them, sharing history, laughter and tears? If so, who could it be?




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