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Joanne Sexton is an Australian romance writer and mother of two. She had always dreamed of writing novels and has been an avid reader most of her life. In between being a mum and writing, she runs a small bookkeeping business. She has recently become a qualified florist.

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The Saucy Girls
Rich Girl, #1

There's a fine line between love, obsession, and hate. Chelsea Summerville has a stalker who is kidnapping and murdering women resembling her, just to carve them up with a message. In order to save Chelsea, she and Det Lucas Hudson become partners, intimate partners. Can he stop a killer before he loses the woman he loves.

Fire Girl, #2

Charlotte Summerville is finally achieving her biggest dream when a swaggering fire-fighter, Jared, walks into the veterinary clinic with his dog. Danger is lurking in their lives, coursing out in the form of serial fires and killings. The peril of relationships smashing them apart time and again, even though love is ignited in both their hearts.

Model Girl, #3

Isabelle Winters is a single mother who doesn't easily trust men. She models in order to look after her son, Jesse, hoping to save enough to finish her degree. Mitchell Montgomery, sexy, playboy photographer, has a reputation as a womaniser, a man like to her absent father. As the camera clicks, sparks fly. Another watches from behind a lens, and threatens their growing bond, until threat is made terrible reality.

Cop Girl, #4

Officer Mabel Montgomery is assigned a new partner, Adam Kennedy, only to learn he's being investigated by internal affairs. The one who got away, Hayden Summerville, is a doctor working in Africa. When he returns, it's not long before they find each other again and love blooms. After making a rookie mistake, everyone believes Mabel is dead. When Hayden discovers the truth, can he forgive her?

Fly Girl, #5

When Elle meets fly boy Alex in a nightclub, it's love at first site for both of them. They decide to get married before he leaves for war. When Elle learns Alex's plane has been shot down, and he stops emailing her, she knows something is wrong and flies to Korea for more information. Will he make it out of Korea alive? How will Elle overcome her husband being missing in action?

American Woman

Rock chicks are more complicated than they look, especially when one is becoming her destiny, the other following a classical career, and the third wheel the steaming hot lead singer of the new big thing. Between family, ex-lovers, and their own clashing issues, this complicated love triangle becomes a tangled mess, leaving the shy and the reckless reeling.

The Chosen One

Sera's life quickly becomes surreal when she discovers she's a princess from a realm so full of magical folk they give credence to every fairytale she's read. The realm is in danger; a wicked warlock has kidnapped a princess, and it will take all seven princesses to save her. Transported to this celestial environment, Sera is immediately captivated by the elf, Keelor. It is love at first sight. He's infuriating and aloof, but chemistry sizzles despite their attraction forbidden by law and lore.



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