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Emma was born near Chicago in 1986 and has lived abroad since 2008. Her experiences in France, Canada, Germany, and Russia influence her work considerably. Theories from Cultural Studies and Sociology form another cornerstone of Emma’s work, and she enlivens what many people would consider dry texts with interpretations that are full of wit and unexpected spins on the order of things. Her penchant for pinpointing the foibles and follies of both herself and her fellows is a fine source for her satires, be they written or illustrated.

Emma has lived in Germany since 2011. She currently resides with her skittish cat in Kiel, where she continues to surprise the natives with the historically inspired clothing that she designs and wears.

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Into the Void

Philosopher and social activist, Horace, is appointed by the Anglinian government to journey around the world to learn the secrets of other countries' success. Unfortunately, most of the societies he visits turn out to be drastically different from what he expected. He's dedicated to serving his country and takes pride in his assignment, but as his journey progresses, he begins to suffer from isolation and repeated failures. Just as he has all but lost hope, Horace encounters a series of communes whose inhabitants welcome him into their ranks and open his eyes to more a liberal and egalitarian way of life.




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