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Valentine is a writer and poet who gained a late MA in Creative Writing at Edge Hill and was then commissioned to write two self-help books for Sheldon (SPCK). Trained in psychotherapy, she has worked in Mental Health and allied fields most of her life, having failed to keep order as a teacher and bored to tears by banking, her first two career choices.

Published in many poetry anthologies and winner of several prizes last year, Mary keeps tabs on the Liverpool poets she met while on her MA, and helps run a writers’ and poets’ group in her home town. She is a member of the Keele Poets at Silverdale. When not at her computer or kitchen sink, she can be found on her allotment or in the local flea market. Married with four adult sons, she lives in Shropshire in an inconvenient cottage full of paintings by friends and family members with her art-therapist husband and tries to stop the garden getting into the house.

Recent Publications: The Marsh People, The Poison Garden of Dorelia Jones, both published by Immanion. Child With No Name (Amazon e-book store)

Other publications include: Overcoming Impotence, Make Up or Break Up, The Watcher, A Pint In The Weird-Shit Pub, The Engineer's Daughter.

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Losing It

Jane has been locked up in a high security hospital for killing her children. Well meaning intervention by Dr. Townsend begins to uncover early events in Jane's life. While attending her sister's funeral, Jane escapes and goes back to the Belgian caravan site where the murders took place.




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