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Released: May 2013
ISBN: 9781301195213
Kindle US, Kindle UK
Apple, Kobo, Nook
Author: Valentine Williams
Length: Novel
Genre: Psychological Drama
Price: $2.99

Jane has been locked up in a high security hospital for killing her children. Well meaning intervention by Dr. Townsend begins to uncover early events in Jane's life. While attending her sister's funeral, Jane escapes and goes back to the Belgian caravan site where the murders took place. She connects in a real way with her past, is brought back to the hospital but being fully aware of her own actions now, feels she cannot go on living.

Once there was a girl who grew up knowing that the choices she would make as an adult would be bad choices.

Sometimes there are no good choices.

Keep quiet and out of sight and pretend it's all right; that's one choice. Make a scene and fight and kick and scream all you want; that's another choice, but you'll only end up getting banged up or beaten. You see what I mean about choices?

I once made a choice about my children. I forget what it was now, but it's why I'm here.

Back to this girl. She was all right, this girl. Took care of her mother and her younger sister. Tried her best to behave and be good; even her teacher praised her for trying her best. She liked her teacher. But even her teacher couldn't always see how tired the girl was, or how much she worried.

Her grandmother was kind, and this girl loved her, though she wasn't around for long enough to make a real difference. When she grew up, after all the bad things happened, it was another older woman who understood her and took care of her. This older woman's name was Elsie, and she was a grandmother too.

She wasn't an orphan, or in care; this girl lived with her parents. But her mother couldn’t help. She should have been able to but she drank too much and the girl had to find food and cook for the family even when there was no money. Her father left when she was only ten, and her mother’s drinking got worse. No wonder she and her sister clung together.

My name is Jane, by the way.

What the reviewers are saying
Powerful, cleverly written story
Losing It by Valentine Williams is a stark, cleverly written book. Despite a very difficult subject, the author manages to draw us very quickly into Jane's small world, and those who people it. More importantly, we are drawn into Jane's mind, and with that, her terrors and awful nightmares. Although it's written in quite a pared back style, with short, fast chapters, the author uses wonderful detail to paint Jane's surroundings. Few novels will pull you in as forcefully as this - or ensure that your sympathies will lie so completely at the end, with a character like Jane. ~ Sharon Black, author of Going Against Type, Amazon

• • •

excellent story
This is an excellent story sympathetic to the staff and their patients who have committed serious crimes. It helps the lay person understand the issues involved while gradually unfolding a gripping tale. I thought it would be a depressing read but not so- sad yes but very enlightening. ~ Catherine Simpson, Amazon

• • •

A wonderful novel thoroughly recommended. ~ Helen Kay, Amazon

• • •

Unremittingly sad - written in a cool, slightly detached style, interspersed with the lyricism of poetry - a novel exploring how a terrible act can contain a lucidity of intention. ~ mrs anna v. murray, Amazon

• • •

Once I started reading this book I couldn't put it down. The author expertly conveys the utter despair of the central character who is the victim of the most terrible abuse and exploitation. Despite having committed a terrible crime I could only empathise with Jane and yearn for her to find some sort of peace. The ending left me with a sense of sadness but a feeling that Jane for the first time in her life was finally in control of her destiny. ~ Hughsie, Amazon

• • •

Sensitively observed
Jane's story is a difficult subject but it is sensitively observed and described with true empathy.The narrative flows easily as the details of the murders unfold and we see what experiences drove Jane to such extremes. Working as I do in a mental health crisis house I know only too well the kind of childhoods some people have and the effect it can have on the rest of their lives. Showing true empathy and kindness is sometimes all we can do and I found myself comforted by her escape. ~ JAne H. Amazon

• • •

strangely powerful
I wasn't expecting to enjoy the book, I thought the story would be upsetting to read. But to my surprise it was very gentle and just drew me in. The style is understated but strangely powerful. And I finished it knowing two things, that any of us could end up like Jane, and that few of us would have the patience to care for her. ~ Jane Reynolds, Amazon



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