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Released: November 2014
ISBN: 9781310976483
Series: City Nights, #7
Author: Charlotte Howard
Length: Novella
Genre: Erotic Romance
Price: $0.99

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Chloe Shade has travelled to Edinburgh to meet up with a potential client, and has just twenty-four hours to convince them to sign her contract. But when she meets the delicious Ethan, he proves to be so much more than an enticing distraction. It’s not long before Chloe has some life changing decisions to make, and less than a day to make them.

Chloe squeezed her eyes shut as the plane’s wheels bumped along the tarmac, and her stomach lurched into her chest as the brakes were applied. Her ears flooded with the sound of her own heart beating louder than the squealing and screeching of the landing gear. Pressure built in her cheeks as she clenched her teeth together.

The worst hour in her life was almost over.

“Welcome to Edinburgh,” said the captain over the speaker system. “We hope you had a pleasant journey and enjoyed the flight. Please remain seated with your seat belts fastened until the light is turned off.”

A chuckle emanated from nearby. Chloe opened one eye and peered at the man in the seat across the aisle from her.

“You can breathe again,” he said in an American accent, flashing her a grin.

“I think I’ll wait until my feet are actually on the ground if it’s all the same to you,” she replied, leaning back into the headrest.

A loud ping was followed by a Mexican wave of clicking as the passengers released their seat belts and fought to get their bags and rush off the plane. Chloe undid her own belt then hurriedly squished herself into the seat as an oversized belly, violently stretching at a pale green shirt, began its invasion of her breathing space. Her shoulder was nudged as the impatient woman beside her stood up, hunching under the overhead compartment.

She waited for the plane to empty. The impatient woman started huffing and tutting. Chloe looked up apologetically, but was met with a hardened glare.

“Here,” said the man from opposite. She turned her gaze towards him and was grateful to see him holding back a herd of cattle desperate to depart. She drank him in for a second. He was broad enough to act as a barrier between her and the crowd. A very attractive barrier. From the way his T-shirt stretched over his biceps, she could tell that his width was certainly not due to being overweight. Ink spiralled around his skin from beneath the short sleeve, tracing down to his elbow.

“Thank you.” She stepped into the aisle. Immediately, the woman from beside her shoved herself through the gap, knocking Chloe into the man’s chest with an oof!

“I’m so sorry!” she said, stepping back and turning to the overhead compartments, feeling her cheeks heat. Her fingers tingled with the memory of his muscular chest beneath them.

Top Reviews
There's sex in this one pretty much from the off, but then I expected that because of the novella length and the intention of the series. That taxi scene- it's pretty hot stuff! I've read my fair share of hot romance/erotic fiction over the years, and this was well written compared to much of what's on the market. If you like this genre, give it a whirl. It's encouraged me to read some of the other titles in the series. ~ Books with Bunny

• • •

She also does a great job of painting a picture of the lovers
One Night in Edinburgh by Charlotte Howard is a wild and extremely hot romp through the city of Edinburgh. Two business people, Chloe and Ethan, hook up after she gets past a slight case of mistaken identity. There are some complications to the relationship, but their raw desire for each other keeps forcing themselves back to each other, with each encounter hotter than the previous one. Charlotte’s romance scenes are very explicit and, boy, are they well written. She also does a great job of painting a picture of the lovers. It’s a fast paced and very exciting. You can’t go wrong with spending a Night in Edinburgh. ~ Jay Gaudette, Amazon

• • •

This was a steamy, emotional, quick read!
This book was hot right from the beginning . . . it was one of those stories that made me think, "What if things like this really happen to people?" Hey, inspiration has to come from SOMEWHERE, right?! So maybe this story wasn't that far in the realm of "unrealistic" after all . . . ~ Lauren, Amazon

• • •

Super sexy quick read with a plot!
This is the 7th book in the City Nights series. It stands alone very well though and I had no problem jumping right in even though I haven't read any of the other books. There was plenty going on in a twenty four hour time span. It started out pretty much from the get go with a super sexy scene. There was some mystery, charismatic characters, sex, and romance . . . I thought it was a really good quickie! ~Brenda Demko, Amazon

• • •

A Wonderful Exciting Read!
Oh Lordy! Do I wish I'd met Ethan on a plane! As usual an excellent book from Charlotte and I loved every minute of the adventure and what would happen between the delictable Ethan and Chloe. Will they won't they? And it all happened one night in Edinburgh! ~ Ms. D. Barrett, Amazon

• • •

Intense and steamy
Definitely worth a read. ~ Hayley Mills, Amazon

• • •

Requesting a sequel without delay
I need an Ethan. NOW! . . . If you’re looking for a high-end erotic short read, something with substance, a decent plot, and technically perfect, you will enjoy this. I’ve read several books by the same author, and I’ve found in every case her writing style to be fresh and clean; no frills, no flowers – just right. One Night in Edinburgh is just that, only with an additional layer of heat. You may need a fan. Or an Ethan equivalent. I don’t own a fan . . . Did I enjoy the read? Yes, very much so. I’m wondering whether there will be a night (or several) in London next. I wouldn’t mind it in the slightest. ~ M. Medler, Amazon

• • •

A very Hot, erotic short story! ~ Chrissy, Amazon

• • •

Even though I haven't read the other 6 books in the series, I found this story very erotic and thrilling. Ethan made my blood boil. ~ C. Dyer, reader

• • •

This is a short erotica novella . . . packed with hot and steamy scenes of making love . . . the story has the all important Happily Ever After ending. I believe this would be an outstanding story if it were a full length novel . . . Considering how much had to be done for the set up and plot, then adding in the needed love scenes (because all good romances these days have hot private times written in), I believe the author has done an outstanding job with this tale. Charlotte Howard has a talent for storytelling and I will be keeping a close eye on her in the future. ~ Huntrss Reviews

• • •

One Night in Edinburgh is the perfect blend of classic Charlotte Howard storytelling and a wonderful edition into this really sexy series. Her characters are genuine and the storyline is believable. And though the series format is very short, Ms Howard packs a lot into a few short pages while giving us a full and well-rounded edition that balances the intimate scenes within the plot itself. A job well-done. ~ Heart of Fiction



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