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Released: May 2014
ISBN: 9781310267437
Kindle US, Kindle UK
Apple, Kobo, Nook
Series: City Nights, #1
Author: Troy Lambert
Length: Novella
Genre: Erotic Romance
Price: $0.99

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Detective Derek Marshek and his wife Cheri like to play games. It’s not that they don’t have a great sex life, but Cheri came up with the idea to keep things even spicier. Suddenly, events at the Seven Bells Motel reveal she may have had other motives.

Their son Alex, now in college and seeking to escape the shadow of his father has a new girlfriend. In their efforts to find privacy, he is drawn back into his parents’ lives, and sees a new side of Susie. Could she be the one?

On this night in Boise, will lives be ruined, hearts be broken? One thing is certain. It’s a dangerous game they all play.


Seven Bells Motel. 7:05 pm

It’s a dangerous game we play.

We like to play year round, but the snow, the cold has us turning to other games to pass the time in the winter. Tonight, though it is not yet spring, it is warm for early April, and we are both ready.

The yellow streetlights emit tight yellow pools of light that she avoids carefully. I circle the block, seeing if I can spot her in the shadows. When she spies the old Caprice, she steps to the curb.

She wears red leather. My favorite. A tight mini skirt, thigh high boots, and a laced corset envelop her curves. Her scarlet lipstick matches a bow wrapped in her brunette hair, completing the look.

She’s not as young as she used to be, but then neither am I. When I look at her though, I still see the girl I married over 20 years ago. Other guys try to pick her up whenever we play, and once she even had to explain the game to a passing undercover officer, one of my colleagues. It cost me a $150 bottle of scotch to sweep that one under the rug, but it was worth it.

I pull alongside and roll down the passenger window. “Hey there.”

“Looking for a date?” She blows little bubbles with the gum she chews, popping them with her teeth. Oh, God those teeth, those lips, that mouth.

“Yeah baby, how much?”

Her gaze crawls over me, evaluating, craving. “For you, $20 for a blow, half and half for $40, and all the way for $80.”

“It’s a deal. Get in.”

Opening the door, she drops into the passenger seat. The skirt rides up, and her lace panties peek out at me. She tugs the skirt down seductively, but not before I spot the wetness at her crotch. I can hardly sit still, and wonder how my erection is not interfering with the steering wheel. Jesus, she turns me on.

She puts her gloved hands on my arm, and the hairs there stand to attention. “You have someplace we can go?”

“Sure do,” I say. She shuts the door, and I drive to the Seven Bells Motel at the end of the block.

Top Reviews
Steamy, gripping, satisfying
Once you pick this book up, you’ll lose track of whether you keep turning the pages for the rocketing suspense, or for the sizzling sex. When you finish, you’ll be sated on both scores, plus you’ll have the satisfaction of having watched characters grow, develop, and make important choices, something difficult to accomplish in such a short read. Well done! ~ bvnorth, Amazon

• • •

Sizzling hot!
This book gets off to a fast start and stays on the fast track throughout the novel. There is never a dull moment and the plot is very original. It is impossible to put down once one starts this incredible novel. The characters are believable, although not all of them are to be loved. This is an adults only book, but is beautifully written and one can see the scenes as they unroll before the reader. One feels as though they are in the parking lot of the sexy hotel, or in Cheri and Derek's home. Awesome novel, once again, Troy Lambert delivers the goods! ~ Belinda Wilson, Amazon

• • •

A suspenseful read
Derek and Cheri aren't your typical married couple. Cheri likes to keep things a little bit more spicy. So she invented a role playing game for her and Derek to partake in. However on this particular night they both got a little more than they bargained for. you always know when family gets involved sometimes the outcome isn't always good. A great suspenseful and thrilling read. I recommend this book for a quick read. ~ Tabitha Jones, Amazon

• • •

Suspenseful romantic erotica
Raw, hot and heavy from page one right to the end. This one started off hard, finished that way and did not let up through the whole story. For a work fewer than one hundred pages it was just jammed full of sexy, suspense moment to the next . . . I would call this a work a suspenseful romantic erotica. I picked it up with the intention of just reading a couple chapters before bed. The next thing I know I finished the whole thing. I love it when that happens. ~ Nikki, Amazon

• • •

One Night in Boise is full of twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Troy leads us down an erotic path that quickly turns dangerous and tragic. He pulls out all the stops here as we follow Derek from an erotic tryst with his wife to the tragic crime scene. Readers will witness how quickly Derek's life changes and falls apart before him. How quickly one night in his city can change a man. This is a fabulous story in which Troy's storytelling excels. Anyone who likes erotic romance and romantic suspense will want to read this book. ~ Heart of Fiction



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