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JD Martins has been called Spanish, Mexican, Chinese, Philippine and English and Australian. He is none of these.

He's lived in four cities in three countries on two continents, but he doesn't feel like he's travelled very much. His life in each city was rather mundane and he didn't get out much - tending to move his pen more than his body.

He still aspires to see much more of the world - probably when his wife becomes rich enough to let him retire from day jobs.

He would like to live like Ernest Hemmingway: periodically sending novel manuscripts to his publisher from various far-flung corners of the world, though he's not sure the quality will be quite the same. Until then, he has contented himself with living like Robert Graves - in a pleasant part of Spain with a quiet life - and being able to do some things that Hemmingway did - trout fishing in Spain, game hunting in Africa, watching bullfights and running with the bulls, - and a few that he did not get to do - surfing, skydiving, bungee jumping, and getting erotic stories published.

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One Night in Madrid
City Nights, #8

Danny left Dublin for Madrid 2 years ago, expecting no one will know him. Then he sees Aisling, a girl he had a crush on at university. Now, he has the chance to know her, and show her Madrid. As the sultry night progresses, lust becomes affection, making Danny wonder if Aisling see Danny as more than just a way to pass her night in Madrid.

One Night in Pamplona
City Nights, #14

Jeff has twenty-four hours in Pamplona for the famous San Fermin festivals. When he meets Idoia, he's instantly taken by her. She wants to practice her English and agrees to show him the city. But Idoia is dismayed at his plan to run with the bulls. Will their relationship last the night, or will she give up on him, as an arrogant idiot intent on needlessly endangering himself?

One Night in Boston
City Nights, #22

When Colm is stranded overnight in Boston, Amber agrees to give him a personal tour of Boston. Colm takes pleasure where he finds it. Amber hasn't quite found her feet again after a recent divorce. As they take in the beautiful architecture of the city, their mutual attraction grows. But can they trust one another? Can Colm convince Amber he's not just playing her, or is his one night in Boston just a fling?




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