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Cover of The Trouble With Cupcakes by Kristi Ahlers
Released: August 2012
ISBN: 9781476452685
Kindle US, Kindle UK
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Series: The Trouble Series, #4
Author: Kristi Ahlers
Length: Novelette
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Price: $1.99

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Heather Ryan is the proud owner of Cupcakes on Royal. It’s a thriving business, but if she wants to put her cupcakery on the map, she needs to win the coveted Krewe of Bacchus after-party contract. When she finds out who’s leading the Krewe, Heather realizes she’s about to get a second chance with her first true but unrequited love, Alec Carlisle.

Alec is a successful New Orleans lawyer. As the leader of the Krewe of Bacchus, it’s up to him to put together the top caterers from around the city to cater the Krewe’s Fat Tuesday event. He has few regrets in life, but missing a chance with a woman from long ago is one he plans on rectifying when he finds out Heather is the baker behind Cupcakes on Royal. It won’t be an easy task, there are a lot of years behind them, but Heather is worth fighting for. His ex, Lila, who’s also vying for the contract, has her eyes on winning the contract at all costs. She also makes it clear she wants Alec back.

Will Heather and Alec find forgiveness of the past and be able to get past Lila’s obstacles to find the sweet ending they both deserve?

“Hey, you’re back.” Ashley finished ringing up a customer. Once the woman left, she faced Heather. “I’ve been so busy. You’ve already sold out of your King Cake cupcakes.”

Shock left Heather a little floored. She hadn’t been gone all that long. “Are you kidding me? I made three dozen of those today.”

“I know. I sold the last dozen to the woman who just left.”

“Wow.” Heather didn’t know what to say. It was the first time she’d actually sold out of a flavor in less than an hour after opening. If she kept this up, she’d start turning a fair profit.

Ashley went to the sink and washed her hands before turning and facing her friend. “So word has it you’re going up again Lila Deveraux for the Krewe of Bacchus contract.” She smiled. “That’s quite a coup if you can swipe it from her.”

“Yeah, tell me about it.” The bell over the door rang and Heather took a moment to sell the customer two cupcakes and a cup of latte before she turned back to Ashley. “That’s an enemy I don’t need to make.”

Lila Deveraux was a member of one of New Orleans’s leading families and she was making great waves within society with her new catering business. Everyone knew she wasn’t the one responsible for the culinary wonders being served at some of the finest events the city had to offer; she was just an organizer. Lila was more interested in her nail and hair appointments. After all, it didn’t do too have her gracing all the tabloid covers not looking her best. But she wasn’t helping her reputation any by being known as the New Orleans party girl. Her father had set up the business as a way of cleaning up his daughter’s reputation and hopefully, Heather figured, to give her a reason to go to bed at a normal hour. However, no one was going to say anything negative about the party girl heiress and she was the first called when a party needed to be a Party with a capital P.

“I have a meeting with the Krewe leader in a couple of hours and I still need to finish the cupcakes for the tasting. I had plans to do that before the smoke alarm started going off.”

“You do know who the Krewe leader is, don’t you?”

Heather was busy straightening the boxes, “Hmmm, some guy named Seth.”

“Yeah, Seth Harrison and his partner, Alec Carlisle.”

Heather dropped the box she was holding. No! No way was it the same Alec she’d crushed on in high school. Was he the Carlisle in the well-known firm Harrison and Carlisle, Attorneys at Law? She groaned to herself. Alec had been the typical all-American, beyond handsome football star. And she was the good girl who was friends with everyone but didn’t belong to any certain clique. She was almost positive Alec never knew she existed. This could be awkward since, in her heart, she knew she compared any guy she contemplated dating to Alec—which was admittedly ridiculous since she hadn’t seen him since they graduated ten years ago.

Top Reviews
Quick read and now I want praline cupcakes. ~ Dana, Goodreads

• • •

I'll tell you right off I'm not easily impressed by just any ole book or novelette for that matter, but there was something about The Trouble with Cupcakes that hooked me. First off: way cool title . . . Lighthearted and simply entertaining. I'm kind of a klutz and could immediately identify with character Heather Ryan. There were certainly some laugh out loud moments. What woman didn't have a secret crush in high school and wished she could meet up with him one day. That's exactly what Heather did when ran into Alec Carlisle, literally! . . . It was sweet when it needed to be sweet and spicy when it needed to be, and Lord knows I was loving the spicy aspect. I finished that part at the dentists office today . . . it sure took my mind off my troubles. Great job Kristi and I can't wait to read more books by you. In fact, I went off and bought two more books in the "trouble" series . . . Did I mention that there are cupcake recipes in the back? Yum, yum, want me some . . . I'd recommend this book for anyone who loves romance and humor, and anyone else that loves quirky characters that get hot and spicy. ~ Author, Madison Johns

• • •

This novella is so sweet it'll give you a toothache! I enjoyed reading about these two characters. Heather is a bit scatterbrained but she seems cute and fun too, enough to keep you wanting to reading about her. Whereas Alec is strong and seems to be used to getting what he wants, which makes him even more determined when it comes to Heather, but it is all in a very hot and sweet kind of way . . . I liked the plot . . . I liked how it all turned out between Alec, Heather, and Lila in the end. I'm now just curious as to the whole "Where are they all now?" question when it comes to them . . . I recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading quick sweet contemporary romances that are just enough to put a smile on your face. ~ Jess, From Me To You Reviews



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