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Cover of The Trouble With Halloween by Kristi Ahlers
Released: October 2013
ISBN: 9781311021274
Kindle US, Kindle UK
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Series: The Trouble Series, #8
Author: Kristi Ahlers
Length: Novelette
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Price: $1.99

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Everly Treymore has been haunted by a dream that started when she was thirteen and returns every year, thirteen days before Halloween. This year she is ready to put the past behind her and find a happy ending. First however she needs to confront what the dream really means. This means a trip to Salem, Massachusetts. When she meets Salem local Alexander Danforth she realizes that he’s part of her story—and maybe you really never do put your past behind you. At least not when it’s true love.

Alexander Danforth has been carrying the weight of guilt on his shoulders for since he was thirteen. He’s tried to do everything he can to ease that burden by joining the military. When his beloved grandmother has a stroke, he comes back to Salem to help her run her lotions and potions and tarot shop. She’s thrilled he’s back because time is drawing near where he’s going to have to finally face his past to make peace. When he sees Everly for the first time, it’s like a sucker punch to the gut. He’ll do whatever he has to in order to protect the one woman he’s been waiting all his life for.

Salem, Massachusetts, 1691

A fine sheen of perspiration covered their bodies. He bent his head and took her mouth in a deep, wet kiss, his tongue mimicking the movement of his hips, firing her desire and need. Oh, how she adored this man. He was everything to her.

She craved their time alone more than anything. They had talked earlier of their plans for the future once they told his family about their relationship. His family, well connected in the new world and in Salem Village, had very specific plans for his love and they needed to be cautious since she didn’t figure into those plans at all. It wouldn’t do for them to show their attraction too openly for fear of attracting censor from the puritan community. This she understood and soon they would pledge themselves to each other in front of friends and family.

Until this happened, their love would remain between them—a delicious secret.

She didn’t know where she started and he ended. It was perfect. They fit like two halves of a whole. She reached around and grasped his backside, holding him close as she relished the sensation of being surrounded by him, possessed by this man who made her desire him above all else. Was she under a spell as it had been whispered among the good people of Salem, was there an enchantment at work that would cause her to throw her beliefs and purity aside as if it mattered not? She didn’t know and she didn’t care, all she knew was she wanted this more than her next breath.

Before she reached completion the door to her house crashed open.

“Harlot, enchantress!”

Pain, frustration and shame seared her to her very soul as her lover was ripped from her arms, the blame for all on her shoulders.

“I told you good sir, she was working her black magic. This man was above repute before she came to town and darkened our village with her vile sinful self.”

“But I’ve done nothing wrong,” she exclaimed as men seized her and without a care for her modesty dragged her from her cottage.

“We must rid Salem Village of this deceiver and devil’s handmaiden.

Top Reviews
Wow, wow, wow! There's a lot of story here, and it's still a novelette. This is a paranormal, and as it's set in Salem, we can't not take a trip into the past. Especially on Halloween. Kristi weaves the past and present wonderfully to create a wholly believable tale. Her characters are real people with real life issues they must both deal with in order to face a happier future. This story is full of action and adventure, and that signature building love story Kristi is so well known for. She can write a kiss like nobody else! And when you mean Alexander, you'll know why. There's a little of everything in this story -- romance, history, a little paranormal activity, and some Halloween fun. Definitely a mood lifter, even if it gives you a spine tingle or two. ~ Heart of Fiction



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