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Cover of The Trouble With Voodoo by Kristi Ahlers
Released: May 2012
ISBN: 9781476197791
ASIN: B00874NV2K
Kindle US, Kindle UK
Apple, Kobo, Nook
Series: The Trouble Series, #3
Author: Kristi Ahlers
Length: Novelette
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Price: $1.99

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Ashley Quinn is fulfilling her dream of opening her own bookstore. In the heart of New Orleans, she finds the perfect location just off Bourbon Street, only to find the building is haunted by the ghost of the original owner, an 18th century notorious rake, Royce Kingston. Ashley has long-suffered haunting dreams of a young woman suffering incredible heartbreak, dreams that leave Ashley shaking and in tears on waking. When she learns she is the reincarnated woman from her dreams, it's up to her to break an ancient curse to save the man she'd loved so long ago, the same man who'd irreparably broken her heart-Royce!

Royce Kingston lived a reckless life. Women were attracted to him and he did nothing to dissuade them. He enjoyed wild nights of fun and flirtatious but momentary romance. He'd broken many hearts, but that was part and parcel of the kind of man he'd been. But he'd broken the heart of the wrong woman. She put him in the place in which he now found himself existing. Ironically, she is the only woman who can save him. He must prove he's worth giving a second chance. But unable to tell Ashley how to break the curse, he could find himself trapped between worlds. And time is running out.

New Orleans

Royce Kingston knew what the saying Hell on Earth meant. He'd been living this particular existence for over two hundred years. He wasn't dead but he wasn't living either.

That was actually the mother of all understatements!

Who knew the voodoo curse spat at him as he left a country party would come true? As they said nowadays, "Give me a break!"

But it had come true. One wretched decision made a lifetime…no…three lifetimes ago, and he was still paying for it in spades! He really enjoyed the clichés he managed to amass over the course of his ghostly lifetime.

He ground his teeth together as he watched the delectable Ashley sashay toward the door. Letting her leave with her friend was out of the question. She needed to pack up her belongings and then leave.

Scanning the room, he came up with the perfect way of getting her attention. He moved over to the bookcase near the door and flicked a few books from a shelf. In a blink, he returned to the back of the shop and watched the books fall onto the floor, directly in Ashley's path.

She jerked to a stop and gave a little yelp. "Did you see that?" Ashley pointed to the books on the floor. "There, do you see that?"

"Yeah, I did. Strange."

"Strange? It's more than strange. Those books didn't grow legs and hop onto the floor on their own. There's a ghost here, Sarah, I just know it. I need to get rid of it before it ruins my business."

The two women quickly scanned the room, but it was Ashley whose wide-eyed gaze halted in his direction. Her beautiful mouth dropped open.

For a moment, neither moved. Could she see him?

"Oh. My. God," she whispered as she put her hands to her lips. "It's you!"

Top Reviews
Author Ahlers has a way with words, and a wonderful way of portraying feelings and emotion with them, as well as injecting just the right amount of humor, and sensualness to make her her an all-around great read, no matter the length of her story . . . Ahlers used the warnings of the realtor that the premises Ashley rented were haunted as a jump start to explain the frequency of her returning nightmares that set Ashley on her quest to discover as much about the house and its inhabitants as she could. By using the nightmare of first hand witness to Ashley's heart-break night after night, allowed Royce to see what his devil-may-care attitude had caused and served both protagonists well. It gave Royce the knowledge of how callous he'd acted; and it set Ashley on the road to discovery of what exactly had caused her former reincarnation to suffer such pain and anguish . . . By using the interplay between Ashley and Royces' dialogs to great advantage, Ahlers was able to invoke the right amount of humorous debate, and sensual foreplay that made THE TROUBLE WITH VOODOO such an incredibly enjoyable romp. I highly suggest that anyone looking for a mildly sweet and sensual short read look into Kristi Ahlers' "Trouble Series" for that pick-me-up "ahhhhhh" feeling of a well written sojurn of enjoyment. ~ Marilyn Rondeau, Amazon

• • •

Ashley Quinn is having dreams that are both haunting and traumatizing . . . When she awakes she knows that it has happened to her. She soon makes the connection that the bookstore she has bought in the French quarter of New Orleans is haunted! Now books are flying off the shelves and she's falling in love with Royce Kingston, an 18th century debonair guy who is breaking hearts left and right until he does it one to many times . . . Now he's locked in time and Ashley's dreams transport her to that time in which her heart is broken, over and over on a nightly basis. Now she knows the only way to heal her own heart is to free the man who broke hers? Sound confusing - it seems so at first. But then we realize that Ashley must truly find what it is about this sexy, swashbuckling guy that makes a gal lose her head and heart, even against her own best interests. She'll also meet a voodoo woman who has had enough of watching Royce's cold, callous behavior toward woman. Perhaps all will learn the real power of voodoo to change lives as well as the troubles when voodoo and love collide! This romance novel is marked by just the right balance of heartache, sexy passion, and haunting mysterious effects and affects to create a credible plot as well as tension and fire in every reader! So far this reviewer has found this novel to be the best in a notable "Trouble Series." Nicely done! ~ Viviane Crystal, Crystal Book Reviews



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