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Released: January 2018
ISBN: 9781370326501
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A River of Silence
Series: A Winston Radhauser Mystery, #3
Author: Susan Clayton-Goldner
Length: Novel
Genre: Contemporary Suspense
Price: $2.99

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Kindle Book Award
Finalist 2018


The past always finds us.

When Detective Winston Radhauser is awakened by a call from dispatch at 12:45a.m., it can mean only one thing—something terrible awaits him. He races to the Pine Street address. In the kitchen, Caleb Bryce, nearly deaf from a childhood accident, is frantically giving CPR to 19-month-old Skyler Sterling. Less than an hour later, Skyler is dead.

The ME calls it a murder and the entire town of Ashland, Oregon is outraged. Someone must be held accountable. The police captain is under a lot of pressure and anxious to make an arrest. Despite Radhauser’s doubts about Bryce’s guilt, he is arrested and charged with first degree murder. Neither Radhauser nor Bryce’s young public defender believe he is guilty. Winston Radhauser will fight for justice, even if it means losing his job.

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In only eleven minutes, Detective Winston Radhauser’s world would flip on its axis and a permanent line would be drawn—forever dividing his life into before and after. He drove toward the Pima County Sheriff’s office in Catalina, a small town in the Sonoran Desert just twelve miles north of Tucson. Through the speakers, Alabama sang You’ve Got the Touch. He hummed along.

He was working a domestic violence case with Officer Alison Finney, his partner for nearly seven years. They’d made the arrest—their collar was sleeping off a binge in the back of the squad car. It was just after 10 p.m. As always, Finney wore spider earrings—tonight’s selection was a pair of black widows he hadn’t seen before.

“You know, Finn, you’d have better luck with men if you wore sunflowers in your earlobes.”

She laughed. “Any guy intimidated by a couple of 14-carat web spinners isn’t man enough for me.”

He never missed an opportunity to tease her. “Good thing you like being single.”

The radio released some static.

Radhauser turned off the CD.

Dispatch announced an automobile accident on Interstate 10 near the Orange Grove Road exit. Radhauser and Finney were too far east to respond.

Her car phone rang. She answered, listened for a few seconds. “Copy that. I’ll get him there.” Finney hung up, then placed the phone back into the charger mounted beneath the dashboard.

“Copy what?” he said. “Get who where?”

She eyed him. “Pull over. I need to drive now.”

His grip on the steering wheel tightened. “What the hell for?”

Finney turned on the flashing lights. “Trust me and do what I ask.”

The unusual snap in her voice raised a bubble of anxiety in his chest. He pulled over and parked the patrol car on the shoulder of Sunrise Road.

She slipped out of the passenger seat and stood by the door waiting for him.

He jogged around the back of the cruiser.

Finney pushed him into the passenger seat. As if he was a child, she ordered him to fasten his seatbelt, then closed the car door and headed around the vehicle to get behind the wheel.

“Are you planning to tell me what’s going on?” he asked once she’d settled into the driver’s seat.

She opened her mouth, then closed it. Her unblinking eyes never wavered from his. “Your wife and son have been taken by ambulance to Tucson Medical Center.”
Top Reviews
I'm so glad I discovered Susan Clayton-Goldner. What a super writer! This fourth book of hers that I've read is probably my favorite. The characters have been given so much depth, and every emotion I can think of is portrayed in this story: grief, love, hate, depression, joy, misery, hope, forgiveness, jealousy, etc. Louise Pledge, Amazon

• • •

I just finished this book. It is a book that you hate to put down but don't want it to end. This author has what I call very smooth writing. The sentences flowed smoothly with proper structure. The descriptions of the scenery made me feel as if I was there. All the characters are all people I feel like I know now. I read the other two books in this series and I would hate to have to pick a favorite. I can't wait to read another book that this author has written. I would give more stars it possible. This series would make wonderful movies. ~ AMB, Amazon

• • •

I just picked out this Kindle on a whim even though it was #3 in this series. Every once in awhile those whims pay off. I truly enjoyed the book starring Winston Radhauser who is a detective in Oregon. To me, the fact that the detective was already married with children thrilled me as I hate to mix romance and crime together. The plot is detailed, and it’s one of those books that starts on a high note and never stops until the end. The story line clip clops along at a solid pace and everything is tied up nicely at the end. ~ Joann R Greene, Amazon



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