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Released: October 2012
ISBN: 9781301518685
Kindle US, Kindle UK
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Author: K.A. Laity
Length: Novelette
Genre: Speculative Fiction
Price: $2.99

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Between waking and sleep, they wait.


excerpt from Lachrymae Draconis

"Father Wulfraed says we need dragon's blood. I've come to fetch it."

Colburga had a thought that the child was going to simply hold out her hand and expect it to be filled. Dragon's blood! Who in all Kent would suggest such thing?  There were few who knew of the herb, fewer yet who knew what it was for. Or could they really have thought she had the real thing?  "Father Wulfraed?"

"Father Wulfraed from the abbey," the little one continued, as if all the wide world knew his name. Colburga did not, though she had often had commerce with most of the abbey folk and knew a good many by name. This was all getting off on the wrong foot, threatening to run down a useless path that would make neither of them any money.

"Why does the monk say you need dragon's blood?"

The grave little face became even more solemn. "Mummy's dying, and Father Wulfraed said that only dragon's blood would save her. Please, do you have some?"

Colburga's eyes narrowed. It could be a lucky guess, or it could be a trick. The herb with that name came from the far east and was unbelievably expensive. She had seen some once in the abbey. Why would a monk or friar suggest coming to her?  Her herb selections were great, and the concoctions well-made (if only she said so), but they had their own dragon's blood and didn't go for foolishness like dragon's tears themselves. "Are you sure it wasn't dragon's tears he requested, child?"

The girl shook her head decidedly. "No, dragon's blood. Father Wulfraed said they had an herb called dragon's blood in the botanica, but what we need is real dragon's blood. And everyone knows you have a dragon."

Top Reviews
If these stories come from K.A.'s dreams, it's no wonder that her sleep would be unquiet. The unifying theme is that every story leaves you with a feeling of "unquietude," a thankfulness to look up and see the familiar around you. She has the ability to draw you into the darkness she writes. ~ Judy, Welcome to My World

• • •

“Kate Laity’s Unquiet Dreams  is the long, deep plunge in the coldest quarry in the woods; the lingering look under the rotting wood at all the writhing life there; the stare into the abyss until one realizes something is staring back.” ~ S. R. Bissette

• • •

When someone like Stephen Bissette gives you an advance review like this one, an author can't help but sit up and take notice. And readers should as well. Kate Laity has been called the Queen of Retelling Fairy Tales, a monicker that couldn't be any closer to the truth if it tried, as well as the Mistress of Disturbia. This latter title will become evident once one delves into this collection of disturbing tales . . . Unquiet Dreams: A Murmuring of Unsettling Tales is a collection of short and short-short stories which includes contemporary, historical, fantasy, psychological thrillers and more. There's something for everyone here who enjoys being a little disturbed while reading . . . One of my favorite stories in this collection is entitled Lachrymae Draconis and is a medieval fantasy where a child is sen to the home of a local healer for some dragon's blood as a cure for her mother's ailment. Yes, here there be dragons, but not in the context you expect! Each tale in this collection will make you think, as they most likely will not end as you think they will. ~ Heart of Fiction



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